About Us

2015 – 2016 MHRAA Board and Coordinators

Colleen Shea – President
Brendan McGinley – Vice-President
Rose Doweiko – Treasurer
Tom Skalitzky – Secretary
Mike Morrison – Football Director
Kevin Furlong – Football Co-Coordinator
Pat Gilhooly – Football Co-Coordinator
Alexandra Molloy – Soccer Director
Mike Daly – Soccer Co-Coordinator
Sean Maxwell – Soccer Co-Coordinator
Geri Tilkes – Volleyball Director
Jen McCloriey – Volleyball Coordinator
Bridget Goggin – Volleyball Coordinator
Lynn Dwyer – Girls Basketball Director
Kari Topa – Girls Basketball Coordinator
Laurie Keaty – Girls Basketball Coordinator
Colleen Rech – Girls Basketball Coordinator
Emily Callahan – SCC Representative
Beth Amado – Boys Volleyball Director
Joe Brennan – Boys Basketball Director
Mike Doyle – Boys Basketball Coordinator
Colleen Smyth – Boys Basketball Coordinator
Tom Wollenberg – Baseball Director
Pat Hayes – Baseball Coordinator
Geri Tilkes – Cheerleading Coordinator
Lynne Murphy / Beth Amado – Gym Coordinator
John Geary – Web Site Coordinator
Jim Murray – Sports Night Coordinator
Jack Howard – Fundraising Coordinator
Tom Curley – Fundraising
Mick Kelly – Fundraising

MHRAA Handbook and Code of Conduct


Please review our handbook and code of conduct which must be abided by all parents and student of MHR Athletics


MHRAA Handbook


MHRAA Code of Conduct